Accessing the Consensus ChatGPT Plugin

September 23, 2023 By Eric Olson

Thank you for your interest in the Consensus ChatGPT plugin!

See below to learn how to access the plug-in.

How to Install the Plugin

Note: You need a Chat GPT Plus account to use Plugins

  1. Sign in to your ChatGPT account: chat.openai.com
  2. Hover over the GPT-4 tab on the top of the screen and select the “Plugins” option
  3. Click the “No plugins enabled” dropdown and scroll until you find “Plugin store”
  4. Search “Consensus” in the search bar until you find the Consensus Search plugin

Here’s a video of the above steps

The Consensus Search plugin allows users to find answers, search for papers, and draft pieces of content grounded in scientific research by searching our database of 200M+ papers directly within the ChatGPT interface. 

How to Use the Plugin:

Once the plugin is enabled, just ask a research question to let ChatGPT use Consensus.

And after ChatGPT has searched Consensus, you can prompt it to create content based on the results.

If you are having any trouble getting ChatGPT to use Consensus, try including “use Consensus” and “link to research papers” in your prompts.

Plugin Use Cases:

Ask a question, get answers grounded in scientific research.

Draft pieces of content with proper citations from REAL studies

Find and extract concepts from research papers

Search across 200M research papers without having to keyword search


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