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Co-Founder, CPO

Christian is a leader in product development with experience building and launching both B2B and B2C products. Christian spent three years at the National Football League as a Product Manager where he led Personalization across all NFL digital products. Before that, he spent 2 years as a PM at TicketManager and was also a speaker at Product School, leveraging his experience building and scaling software products for millions of users to host pro bono lectures for aspiring Product and Tech leaders.

Christian created the very first business plan for Consensus after being motivated by the misinformation of the COVID pandemic. He served as Consensus’s CEO for 2 weeks before stepping down because “Eric would be better at it and has a bigger ego anyways.” Christian also played football for Northwestern University where he gained viral fame for his role as the team's field goal holder and part-time talk show host, and in recent years has spent more than a month of his life on silent meditation retreat.