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Why Consensus?

Consensus responsibly uses AI to help you conduct research faster.

Extensive research coverage

Search through over 200M research papers in every domain of science & academia.

Time-saving AI insights

Gain insight faster with our Copilot and Consensus Meter. We leverage both OpenAI & custom LLMs.

Find the most relevant papers

Our proprietary academic search tools & filters mean you’ll find the very best science for your query.

Results connected to science

We cite every source. You're always only a click away from the underlying research paper.

Who Consensus helps most...

Anyone with curiosity. Whether you’re conducting research or just fact-checking a friend, if you need answers from the literature, Consensus is for you.

Students & researchers

Streamline your literature review process. Quickly see the direction of current findings, and surface the best papers.

Science organizations

Quickly check ingredients, chemicals, or molecules. Understand mechanisms of action, and stay up to date with new research.

Clinicians & doctors

Get answers to patients’ questions that you can trust, share information they can digest, and easily cite your references.

Universities & schools

Students & researchers at over 5,000 universities worldwide search with Consensus. We partner with libraries, higher learning institutes, and universities.

Writers & journalists

Source evidence-based insights on your topic, understand connected fields, and see related suggested searches.

Health & fitness experts

Easily check out the science regarding supplement safety, diet types, and exercise science outcomes.


Researchers, students, doctors, professionals, and evidence-based humans choose Consensus.

"I can make sense of what’s out there a lot faster with Consensus. I jump into different topics with the summary & Copilot before diving deeper. The interface makes it so easy to review individual papers and see what they’re about."
Margaret Paton
Chief Writer & PhD Student
"It's not every day I find a tool that truly helps with my work. Consensus blew me away when I started using it, I was learning things I had never encountered before. This is an AI product that isn't hype."
Brian Abbott, MD
Global Therapeutic Area Lead - Oncology
"You no longer need to read countless papers to find the answer you need. Simply ask a question and Consensus gives you AI-powered summaries of the top 5-10 articles"
Rosana Ferrero, PhD
Directora academica - MÁXIMA FORMACIÓN 

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Consensus vs ChatGPT

ChatGPT predicts the most likely language that should follow. Consensus helps you find & understand the best science, faster.

Results directly connected to scientific papers

Fully machine-generated, prone to hallucinations

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Search: Find the best papers

Purpose-built academic & vector search functionality. Consensus utilizes important factors like study design, sample size, population details, and more to rank the best research higher.

Dedicated research LLMs

Our proprietary LLMs read research like an expert - we also leverage the best-in-class models from OpenAI. Consensus generates AI insights at both the search and paper level.

What’s new at Consensus

Introducing the Consensus API - Embed Evidence-Based Results

Offer instant access to the most relevant academic papers. Seamlessly integrate peer-reviewed citations into your projects.

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Our Co-founder & CPO Christian Salem chats with Cerebral Valley

Consensus is an assembly line with over 25 different LLMs doing various parts of the process. 

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