Introducing: the Consensus Copilot

February 8, 2024 By Eric Olson

We are thrilled to officially launch the Consensus Copilot!

The Consensus Copilot brings a new dimension of flexibility to our product, while still having every response grounded in reliable scientific studies. You can ask Copilot to complete a variety of different research tasks and provide answers in a variety of formats.

The Consensus Copilot can…

Try the Consensus Copilot

When we launched our Custom GPT last month, we were overwhelmed by the response from users. However, we also understood that it was frustrating for our premium users, as it was only available for ChatGPT+ users. So, we tried to move as quickly as possible to bring much of the “chat” experience natively to our main product.

There is still a ton that we will add to this feature over time (like the ability to follow-up and go deeper on its response) but the Copilot is our first step toward adding the functionality of our GPT to the main Consensus product.

How to use Consensus Copilot:

  1. Sign in to your Consensus account
  2. Submit a query into the search bar with a “command” in it (“Make me a..”, “write a…”, “I want a…”)
  3. Make sure the Copilot switch is turned on
  4. Let the Consensus Copilot work its magic!

How to submit feature improvements for the Copilot:

  • Send us an email at
  • Join our slack channel and talk directly with our founders

Copilot Use Cases:

Ask Consensus a natural language research question, get an expanded answer with citations:

Ask Consensus to draft you a piece of piece content:

Ask Consensus to execute a specific research task:

Ask Consensus to draft you a piece of piece content in a very specificĀ format:

Ask Consensus a question with a custom format request:

Ask Consensus to explain a concept in a layman’s terms:

Ask Consensus to brainstorm research directions for you:

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We have so many exciting things in the works to share with you all this year.

All of the features on our roadmap come directly from our users and we can’t wait to keepĀ building them for you!

Many of these new features, including Copilot, will be partially behind a paywall, to get full access to everything we build and support our mission, sign-up for Consensus Premium today!

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