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Written by Eric Olson
4 min read

Consensus Copilot, your new research assistant

The Consensus Copilot brings a new dimension of flexibility to searches while remaining connected to the science. Ask Copilot to complete a variety of different research tasks and provide answers in a variety of formats. Simply add a command for Copilot with your search query.

Consensus Copilot leverages OpenAI’s best-in-class LLMs, with one big difference. We show you information that’s grounded in scientific research.

  • Consensus searches a database of over 200M research papers.
  • Our Copilot provides helpful summaries, answers, and topic overviews.
  • Each Copilot answer contains citations – these are the little numbers within the text.
  • Each citation represents the research paper the preceding information was pulled from.
  • Click on the citation number to view the paper’s details, and also see our Study SnapShot, Key takeaway, and Answer.

Tasks that Copilot can help with

Execute specific research commands

Explain complex concepts in simple terms

Answer questions with flexible formatting and accurate citations

Make learning fun as a teaching tool

The evolution of Consensus Copilot

Consensus is relatively new, and we’re just getting started when it comes to our mission to ‘democratize access to the world’s best knowledge’. When we launched our Custom GPT, we were overwhelmed by the response from users. There was frustration too as GPTs are only available for ChatGPT+ users (i.e. another higher subscription fee). So, we tried to move as quickly as possible to bring this experience to our core search interface.

We’re excited to keep evolving this feature over time, make searches more interactive and intuitive, and keep helping you find the best science faster.

How to use Consensus Copilot

  1. Sign in to your Consensus account.
  2. Submit a query into the search bar with a command in it (‘Make me a..’, ‘write a..’, ‘I want a..’)
  3. Make sure the Copilot switch is turned on.
  4. Let the Consensus Copilot work its magic!

How to submit feature improvements for the Copilot

  • Send us an email at
  • Join our slack channel and chat directly with our team (and founders).

More ideas for Copilot use cases

  • Try a natural language research question and get an expanded answer with citations.
  • Draft a piece of piece content.
  • Execute a specific research task.
  • Draft content in a very specific format.
  • Custom formatted request.
  • Explain a concept simply or for a certain age person.
  • Brainstorm research directions for you.

Unlock all of our new features with Consensus Premium

The features on our roadmap come directly from our users, and we can’t wait to keep building them for you! Get unlimited access to all Consensus features (and new releases), upgrade to Premium today:

Have a question about science, health, fitness, or diet? Get cited, evidence-based insights with Consensus.

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