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Consensus is an academic search engine powered by AI. Students and researchers at over 5,000 universities worldwide already research with Consensus. We partner with libraries, labs, and universities to provide the best academic research tools to students and faculty.

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Why do higher learning institutes need Consensus?

AI that’s connected to science

AI is a powerful tool that higher learning students are already using worldwide. When connected to a dedicated database it speeds up the literature review process, helps researchers find relevant papers faster, and surfaces the highest quality science.

Utilize the best research tools

The traditional tools for searching scientific literature have remained the same for nearly two decades. The core search technology requires knowing the exact keywords to start with, the relevancy of resulting papers can be poor, and it’s time consuming to scan and filter large volumes of research papers.

Find the best science faster

Searching through literature is a necessary part of research and learning. However it’s tedious and time-consuming. Consensus doesn’t replace human understanding, it helps students and researchers get to the best science to review faster.

We created the best academic search experience

Our Search Engine

Purpose-built academic search functionality. Consensus understands, organizes, and utilizes the quality attributes of research papers differently to any other tool.

How we utilize LLMs

Consensus has developed proprietary and task-dedicated LLMs, while also leveraging the best-in-class models from OpenAI. Consensus generates AI insights at both the search and paper level.

Dedicated academic tools

Consensus offers comprehensive academic features. Powerful filters, paper quality indicators, lists and bookmarks, auto-citation creation & reference manager integration.

Researchers, PhDs, & students love Consensus

Consensus vs Google Scholar

Surfaces relevant and high-quality papers without exact keywords

Helpful paper-level insights & indicators

Returns mixed quality papers, and only if you search with exactly the right technical terms

Tedious scanning & scrolling through long PDFs to gauge quality

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How we partner with higher learning institutes

Be part of shaping the future of AI tools. Partner with us to influence feature development and roadmap. Gain hands on support and training, connect regularly with our search experts and product leaders. We’ll create a deal structure that works for your organization’s requirements.

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