Keeping up with the science is now easier for doctors.

Consensus is an AI search engine for research papers. It’s as simple as a Google search, but with the content of PubMed. Stay informed and improve patient outcomes armed with the highest-quality insights.

The world’s top institutions use Consensus

Get evidence-based insights in seconds, not hours.

Quick insights from the top journals

Purpose-built academic search functionality. Consensus understands, organizes, and utilizes the quality attributes of research papers differently to any other tool.

Powerful biomedical research filters

Consensus has developed proprietary and task-dedicated LLMs, while also leveraging the best-in-class models from OpenAI. Consensus generates AI insights at both the search and paper level.

Preview the direction of scientific consensus

See the direction of the scientific consensus, apply filters, and see how this changes with more recent or rigorous studies.

Consensus makes life better for all Clinicians

Stay up to date, without the extra hours

Find and understand the best science, faster. Say goodbye to PDF scrolling, endless scanning, and struggling to get the answers from verbose academia. Consensus synthesizes topic overviews and paper-level insights.

Streamline your evidence-based practice

Include the most current evidence into your patient care strategies. Ensure you’re staying up to date as the science progresses. Improve outcomes armed with the best knowledge.

Share information easily with patients. 

Share specific search results complete with the filters (e.g., RCTs), the Consensus Meter, and Copilot formatting. Save searches and individual papers, too, with our Bookmarks feature.

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See Consensus in action

Ask Copilot for the mechanisms of action.
Filter for the latest RCT & Human studies.

Features for ongoing medical education

Consensus Meter

Quickly see the direction of the scientific consensus.  See exactly which papers went into the synthesis, and add filters to see the changes.

Study Snapshot

Our Study Snapshot quickly shows key information like Population, Sample size, Methods, etc. - all within the results page.

Biomedical Filters

Filter by sample size, study design, methodology, if the paper is open access, a human or animal study (and many more filters).

Consensus Copilot

Simply include in your search - ask Copilot to adopt a style, draft content, format, create lists, and more. Read a referenced topic synthesis.

Paper-level Answers 

We extract key insights and answers from individual papers. See how each study answers your specific search query. 

Quality Indicators

Focus on the best papers - intuitive labels for citations, journal quality, and study type.

Consensus vs PubMed

Fast synthesis of multiple papers. Ask Copilot to list out the mechanism of action, typical treatments, dosages,
and much more.

Helpful paper-level insights, study snapshot details, key takeaways, and more. 

Difficult and slow to assess study quality, no paper overviews are provided.

Tedious scanning & scrolling through long dense results pages and papers.

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