Consensus Product & Feature Updates

April 2024

Export saved lists

Export RIS files to Endnote, Mendeley, & Zotero

Managing your references with Consensus has just become easier. We’re happy to share you can now export paper details directly from both Consensus search results and saved lists into CSV or RIS file formats.
This new feature allows seamless integration with your favorite reference managers: Endnote, Mendeley, and Zotero. Easily transfer relevant papers from Consensus into these tools for better organization, annotation, and citation in your academic projects.

Search History

Introducing Consensus Search History 

We’re excited to unveil Search History and slick new sidebar UI that’s optimized for research:

What can you do now?

  • See all your past searches: Maintain context and continuity during multi-query search sessions.
  • Delete or save searches: Complete control of your history view and manage your sessions & search flow.
  • Saved lists at a glance: Easily access your saved paper and search lists from the new sidebar.

Consensus Teams

Introducing Consensus Teams: A New Chapter in Collaborative Research

Exciting news for research groups big and small—Consensus is proud to introduce Consensus Teams, tailored for organizations ranging from 2 to 200 members!

Immediate Benefits for Your Team:

  • Centralized Billing: One account, one bill—manage your organization’s finances effortlessly.
  • Streamlined Management: Easy account administration keeps everyone’s access in sync.
  • Bulk Discounts: Enjoy more savings as your team grows.

March 2024

100 Languages

Great news for our global community—Consensus now supports searches in over 100 languages! Initiate your research journey in your preferred language, and let our advanced AI take care of the rest.

  • Here’s How It Works: Just type your query in your native tongue, and our platform will seamlessly translate and retrieve the most pertinent academic papers, no matter the original language.
  • Multilingual Copilot and Summaries: Our esteemed Copilot and Summary features have also been upgraded to respond based on your query’s language. Dive into the depths of research in Español, Français, Bahasa Indonesia, 日本語, Português, and many more with tailored AI-generated insights.
  • Looking Ahead: We’re not stopping here. Our commitment to making world-class information accessible includes: Selecting your preferred language upfront & translating individual paper answers and texts to your chosen language

February 2024

Open Access & Influential Citations

We are thrilled to share enhancements to our paper detail pages on Consensus.

  • Quick Links to Open Access PDFs: No more navigating through complex databases to access the full text of a study. If a paper is available as Open Access, you’ll find a direct link right on the detail page. This means less time searching and more time reading the research that matters to you.
  • Influential Citations at Your Fingertips: Understanding a paper’s impact in its field just got easier. We’ve integrated Semantic Scholar’s machine learning technology to highlight Influential Citations – those pivotal papers that have significantly shaped their area of research. This feature allows you to track the academic conversation and follow the trail of scientific discovery directly from the paper’s detail page.

AI-Powered Answers

Now, when you delve into the details of a specific study, you won’t lose sight of the bigger picture. The AI-powered answer that guided you from the search results will persist on the paper’s individual page.

This means that for every query, such as “Does visceral fat increase the risk of cancer?”, not only will you receive a succinct AI-generated response on the search results page, but this insight will follow you as you click into any paper for further reading. It ensures continuity and context, giving you an immediate reference back to the core question, like the noted association between visceral obesity and colorectal cancer patient outcomes.

January 2024

Copilot: AI Research Assistant

We’re excited to introduce Consensus Copilot, an evolution in our AI-driven search capabilities. Tailored for flexibility, the Copilot responds to your commands, executing research tasks and presenting answers in various formats grounded in scientific evidence.

Transforming the way you interact with academic content, the Copilot integrates seamlessly with our main product. Sign into Consensus, input a command, and let the AI take over, drafting content, explaining concepts, or collating research with pinpoint accuracy.

The Consensus Meter

Research often presents conflicting answers. One study says “yes,” another “no,” and suddenly, you’re adrift in data without a conclusion. This is where the Consensus Meter steps in, now live on our platform, to simplify the complexity of research findings.

For binary “Yes/No” questions, the Consensus Meter analyzes the first 20 results and classifies the consensus as “yes,” “no,” or “possibly.” It filters through the noise to deliver a straightforward summary of the academic consensus, visualized in an easy-to-read interface.

Related Searches 

Curiosity fuels research, and our ‘Related Searches’ feature is the perfect companion to help you dive deeper. At the bottom of each search results page, Consensus now offers suggestions for related research queries to spark your next big idea.

December 2023

ResearchGPT is now Consensus GPT. Academic search engine powered by AI grounded in science. Literature review. PhD writing.

Consensus GPT

We’re thrilled to unveil Consensus GPT, a groundbreaking extension of our AI-driven academic search engine, set to redefine your research experience. Emerging as the leading GPT product in OpenAI’s marketplace, Consensus GPT is more than just a generative tool; it’s your ultimate AI research assistant.

Getting Started with Consensus GPT:

  1. Access through ChatGPT Plus: Log into your account, search for “Consensus” in the GPT Store, and start exploring.
  2. Engage with Ease: Simply pose a question or instruct Consensus GPT on your creation needs.

November 2023

Study Snapshot

Study Snapshot: Now available in Consensus 2.0, this innovative tool provides a quick glance at the most crucial aspects of a study. Perfect for scholars and curious minds alike, Study Snapshot saves you time by presenting a concise summary of a research paper’s population, sample size, and methods right on the results page.

Advanced Filtering

AI-enabled search filters: The most sophisticated search filters on the market. These filters enable you to hone in on studies by sample size, population type (human, animal, in vitro), and a range of other detailed parameters. Whether you’re looking for human trials, randomized controlled trials, or studies from prestigious journals, our filters give you the power to customize your query results.

Spotlight on New Filter Definitions:

  • Study Types: Choose from meta-analyses, systematic reviews, RCTs, non-RCT trials, observational studies, and more.
  • Journal Prestige: Filter by the level of journal prestige to ensure the most authoritative sources.
  • Study Details: Focus on controlled studies, human studies, and specific sample sizes.

October 2023

Graphic of person using Consensus scientific search engine to search effects of creatine

Consensus 2.0!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Consensus 2.0, a monumental upgrade to our academic search engine, marking a significant leap forward in our commitment to making academic research more accessible and efficient.

What’s New in Consensus 2.0?

  • Smarter Paper Search: Our revamped search algorithm seamlessly combines keyword and AI-powered vector search across 200 million documents, ensuring you find the most relevant papers for any type of query. Whether you’re exploring “how” questions or delving into related entity searching, Consensus 2.0 has got you covered.
  • Precisely Extracted Answers: Say goodbye to clunky and imprecise results. Our new system extracts question-relevant information directly from papers, tailoring results to exactly what you’re looking for. Dive into specifics with confidence, whether you’re investigating the effects of fructose on hunger or the sleep-promoting dosage of ashwagandha.
  • Fresh Design, Chosen by You: We listened to your feedback and redesigned the result page interface with user input at the forefront. The most noticeable change? Paper titles now take center stage, with extracted answers highlighted in a distinct grey text box for clarity.


Consensus Premium: Unlock All Features

While Consensus 2.0 brings a host of enhancements to all users, we’re also introducing Consensus Premium. This subscription unlocks the full potential of our platform, giving you access to all current and future features. By subscribing to Consensus Premium, you’re not only enhancing your research experience but also supporting our mission to democratize academic research.

We’re eager for you to experience everything Consensus 2.0 has to offer. This update is just the beginning of what’s to come, with many exciting features on the horizon—all inspired by your feedback. To explore the new features and join Consensus Premium, visit Consensus.


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