Our Vision Is to Make Expert Knowledge Accessible and Consumable for All.

Searching for vetted, unbiased information has long been an arduous and painful process. It is our belief that, if used thoughtfully, carefully, and elegantly, artificial intelligence can finally change this equation.

Whether you are a lifelong researcher or an everyday consumer, we aim to be your go-to source in the search for expert knowledge.


Our Story

Christian Salem and I (Eric Olson) are former D1 athlete teammates from the families of professors, scientists, and teachers. We deeply love and appreciate the value of consuming evidence-based content, but never had the skills (nor the attention span) to search for this information ourselves.

We wanted to build a product that would allow anyone to engage with and consume the best sources of data on the planet.

Eric Olson, Co-founder & CEO

Meet the Team

We are a small, but scrappy, team of machine learning and technology experts

Eric Olson

Co-founder & CEO

Past: DraftKings, Northwestern

Christian Salem

Co-founder & CPO

Past: NFL, Northwestern

Megan Van Welie

Head of Engineering

Past: Google, Waymo

Brett Nebeker

Head of Machine Learning

Past: Salesforce, Lighthouse

Ali Farid, PhD

Founding Data Scientist

Past: CityFalcon, Arquaam

Chris Varano

Lead, Search Engineer

Past: Google, Amazon

Jimmy Longley

Lead, Software Engineer

Past: Amazon, BookNook

Namrata Kundu

Software Engineer

Past: PayPal, Airbase

Our Advisors

We are lucky to be advised by experts in science, AI, product and more

Dr. Nicholas Christakis, PhD, MD

Popular Science, Misinformation

Dr. Layne Norton, PhD

Evidence-Based Health & Fitness

Stephen Wolfram, PhD

Computer Science, Wolfram Alpha

Jevin West, PhD

Misinformation, Metascience

Konrad Kording, PhD

Deep Learning, AI

Our Partners

We are partnering with some of the most innovative research organizations in the world that
empower us to build a trustworthy and quality product

Our mission is to use AI to make
expert information accessible to all.