Build with the Consensus API

Supercharge your application with the Consensus API, offering instant access to the most relevant academic papers. Seamlessly integrate peer-reviewed citations into your projects, from chatbots to comprehensive workflows.

What you can do with the Consensus API

Build your own research copilot

Add Consensus results to your private ChatGPT instance or internal copilot to make sure your AI tool always references published research.

Embedded search results

Integrate Consensus search results directly into your application, providing users with immediate access to top-tier academic papers.

Centralize research capabilities

Streamline your research process by centralizing all evidence-based resources within a single, secure platform.

Map science connections

Visualize and explore the relationships between scientific concepts and studies, mapping out connections across diverse research fields

Our API use cases..

Consensus for Enterprises

Empower your R&D by accessing the most relevant research within your private infrastructure. Seamlessly integrate the latest studies on compounds, genes, traits, and more directly into your workflow.

Consensus for Educators

Centralize your research tools in one platform, with access to over 200 million papers in Consensus. Let students and educators discover top research conveniently in one location.

Consensus for Entrepreneurs

Integrate evidence-based chat functionality into your product. Answer queries, and include citations to the scientific literature. Provide users with a trustworthy tool to explore and understand complex topics

API details & pricing

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  • Study snapshot data
  • SERP summary synthesis
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