AI Search Engine for Research

Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to find insights in research papers

Why Consensus?

Consensus responsibly uses AI to help you conduct effective research

Extensive Coverage

Search through over 200 million scientific papers without having to keyword match

Results you can trust

All of our results are tied to actual studies, we cite our sources and we will never show you ads

Instant Analysis

Proprietary and purpose-built features that leverage GPT4 and other LLMs to summarize results for you

Used by researchers at the world’s top institutions

Consensus helps


Find supporting evidence for your paper


Efficiently conduct literature reviews


Quickly find answers to patients’ questions


Instantly find expert quotes for presentations

Content Creators

Source peer-reviewed insights for your blog

Health and fitness enthusiasts

Check the viability of supplements and routines


ChatGPT is built to have a conversation with you. Consensus is purpose-built to help you conduct effective research.

Results pulled directly from peer-reviewed studies

Fully machine-generated, trained on the entire internet

Our mission is to democratize expert knowledge