Filter Searches by Population, Sample Size and Other Study Details!

September 14, 2023 By Eric Olson

We are thrilled to launch our brand new AI-enabled search filters!

The most advanced set of search filters on the market allows you to filter your Consensus searches by…

To use our new filters, click the button with three dashes on the top-right corner of the results screen.

These new filters give users a completely novel ability to select the granular qualities of the research they want returned.

Asking a medical question and only want human, randomized controlled trials? Simply pop open the filters tab and select your desired filter combination.

Here is an example of a search with no filters and then with restrictive filters:

The data that powers these filters has been extracted from our corpus of research papers using custom-built language models. We believe they are another example of how AI can be used responsibly to empower and accelerate quality research.

Filter + Badge Definitions:

  • Study Types:
    • Meta-Analysis:
      • A “study of studies” where the authors, in a standardized way, analyze data from multiple studies.
    • Systematic Review:
      • A review of the existing research on a subject with some systematic inclusion criteria
    • RCT:
      • An experiment that has a control (or hold-out) group that is randomly assigned.
    • Non-RCT Trial:
      • An experiment where an intervention is given but does not have a randomly assigned control or hold-out group.
    • Observational Study:
      • An experiment where the authors systematically observe a group of humans or animals, but no intervention is given.
    • Literature Reviews:
      • A review of the existing research with no explicitly laid out inclusion criteria (i.e. background or narrative reviews).
    • Case Report:
      • A sub-class of observational studies that are a report of a specific individual or individuals, usually about a medical topic.
    • Animal Trial:
      • An experiment or observational study that is conducted on non-human animals.
    • In-Vitro Trial:
      • An experiment that is conducted within a test-tube
  • Study Details:
    • Controlled studies:
      • A first-hand experiment or observational study that has a control, placebo, or hold-out group.
    • Human studies:
      • A first-hand experiment or observational study that is conducted using human participants.
    • Sample Size:
      • The number of participants from first-hand experiments or observational studies

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