Get ready for Thanksgiving political debates with science!

November 22, 2022 By Eric Olson

Thanksgiving means lots and lots of family time. While this is wonderful and all, it also inevitably means heated political discussions are bound to occur.

Consensus was created to give people a way to quickly learn what the research says about their questions. Why not use it to bring some evidence to the family dinner table?

What are effects of immigration on the economy?

Takeaway: Most of the research suggests a net positive effect for host countries, including increases in GDP, wages and the pace of innovation. 


Does legalized abortion reduce crime?

Takeaway: The research is really broken into two school’s of thought: 

The contention of yes has received slightly more support (Francois), but the jury is still out. 


Does raising the minimum wage increase unemployment?

Takeaway: The majority of research seems to suggest that raising the minimum wage marginally increases unemployment. The question of whether this risk outweighs other benefits remains an interesting debate.


Is there an increase of political polarization in the US?

Takeaway: Something everyone at the table can agree on! Yes, yes there is. 


BONUS heated questionDoes the Covid vaccine cause myocarditis?

Takeaway: While more research on causation is needed, in rare cases, there is an observed association between vaccination status and myocarditis in young males. Most papers conclude the benefits still heavily outweigh the risks.


Click on any of the links above to see real insights pulled directly from peer-reviewed literature!

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