Integrate Consensus with Reference Managers – Zotero, Paperpile, and More!

July 12, 2023 By Consensus

We are happy to announce the release of our most commonly requested integration – the ability to save papers from Consensus into reference management software.

Since Zotero was the most frequent reference manager we heard from our users, we prioritized it first in our development. However, we will soon confirm support for more reference managers like Mendeley, Paperpile, and EndNote, we will update this blog with instructions accordingly.

If you see any issues with our Zotero connection, or if importing papers from Consensus is behaving differently than you expect, please let us know by sending an email to


Zotero instructions

To use Zotero with Consensus, you’ll need to download the Zotero Connector for your browser. I’ll show screenshots from the Chrome connector, but Firefox, Safari, and Edge are also available.

Once your connector is installed and enabled in your browser of choice, there are 2 ways to save papers from Consensus to Zotero:


Results Page

Step 1

Run a search in Consensus (ex: can caffeine and theanine improve attention?)

Step 2

Right-click anywhere on the page

Step 3

Select the Zotero extension > Save to Zotero (DOI)

Step 4

Select which papers you would like to save to Zotero and hit “OK”

Now the top results from your Consensus search are saved in Zotero to help you organize your references, write papers, and deep dive into the research.


Details Page

Step 1

Click into the details page of a paper (ex: The combination of L-theanine and caffeine improves cognitive performance and increases subjective alertness)

Step 2

Click the Zotero browser extension

Step 3

Select which folder in Zotero you would like to it save to 

You’re ready to read, write and cite using Zotero and Consensus.



Consensus is excited to announce integration with Paperpile. See their blog post here for instructions.


Next Up: Mendeley, EndNote, and more…

We will be adding instructions for subsequent reference managers once we have time to test them.

Again, if you see any issues with our Zotero connector, or would like us to add more functionality, please let us know by sending an email to

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