Introducing: Consensus GPT, Your AI Research Assistant

January 10, 2024 By Consensus
ResearchGPT is now Consensus GPT. Academic search engine powered by AI grounded in science. Literature review. PhD writing.

Launch of Consensus GPT: The Leading GPT for Research

We are excited to announce the official launch of Consensus, formerly known as ResearchGPT, as the leading GPT product available in OpenAI’s GPT marketplace.

We’re not just a GPT. Did you know you can try the full Consensus search engine experience for free at ?

Consensus GPT revolutionizes how users engage with scientific material, offering direct access to a vast database of over 200 million academic papers through the ChatGPT interface. This groundbreaking tool empowers users to effortlessly discover research papers, extract key information, and draft academically rigorous content. Experience the power of Consensus GPT by clicking the link below:

Experience Consensus GPT

Following the introduction of the GPT store, our dedicated team has harnessed our innovative AI-driven search technology to enhance ChatGPT with scientific research capabilities. With Consensus GPT, users gain the ability to conduct comprehensive research tasks, from pinpointing specific academic papers using natural language queries to composing scholarly articles complete with precise citations.

How to Utilize Consensus GPT

To start leveraging Consensus GPT for your research needs, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your ChatGPT Plus account.
  2. Access Consensus by clicking here or searching for “Consensus” in the new GPT Store set to launch on January 10, 2024.
  3. Pose a question or instruct Consensus on what to create.

Note: A ChatGPT Plus account is currently required to use custom GPTs like Consensus. We hope OpenAI will extend access to a broader audience in the future.

Diverse Applications of Consensus GPT

Consensus GPT excels in a variety of research applications, including:

  • Real Study Insights: Ask Consensus to interpret findings from genuine studies on topics like the cognitive benefits of creatine.
  • Enhanced Academic Writing: Utilize Consensus to draft literature reviews or academic pieces with valid citations.
  • Targeted Paper Searches: Effortlessly locate specific research papers without relying on precise keyword matches.
  • Advanced Filtering: Apply filters to refine searches based on publication type, journal prestige, and study design.
  • Research Paper Analysis: Have Consensus examine and summarize key elements of a research document.
  • Concept Extraction: Request a compilation of strategies or findings across multiple studies.
  • Science-based Content Creation: Draft authoritative blogs on health and wellness topics grounded in scientific evidence.

Consensus GPT Research Use Cases

Ask Consensus what the research says, and get answers from real scientific papers studies. Click on any of these buttons to view an example. Check out the difference between the Consensus GPT and the full Consensus Search Engine product here.

Consensus GPT

vs. The Full Consensus Search Engine Experience


Consensus is an academic search engine.

Consensus is an academic search engine. Try for free at

More search & prompt examples in Consensus GPT…

Supercharge your academic writing with legit citations:

Find the exact papers you are looking for without having to keyword-match:

Even add filters to precise natural language searches:

Upload a research paper and have Consensus analyze the document:

Extract concepts from multiple research papers:

Draft blogs on science-based wellness routines:


Empowering Literature Reviews and Academic Writing with Consensus GPT

Revolutionize Your Research with AI

In the academic and research communities, the quality and depth of literature reviews and scholarly writing are paramount. Consensus GPT emerges as an indispensable tool, specifically designed to transform how researchers, students, and academics approach these critical tasks. By integrating AI-powered capabilities, Consensus GPT facilitates a more efficient, comprehensive, and nuanced exploration of academic literature.

Streamline Your Literature Review Process

Literature reviews are foundational to academic research, requiring an exhaustive examination of existing studies and publications. Consensus GPT simplifies this process by providing:

  • Access to Extensive Databases: Directly tap into a vast repository of over 200 million academic papers, covering a wide array of disciplines and subjects.
  • Precise Search Capabilities: Utilize natural language queries to find relevant studies, bypassing the limitations of traditional keyword search methods. Consensus GPT understands the context and nuances of your search requirements, delivering targeted results.
  • Efficient Extraction of Key Information: Quickly identify and extract significant findings, methodologies, and conclusions from a plethora of documents, saving valuable time and effort.

Enhance Your Academic Writing

The drafting of academic papers, proposals, and reports is a meticulous task that demands accuracy, coherence, and scholarly rigor. Consensus GPT aids in:

  • Generating Scholarly Content: From drafting introductions to compiling comprehensive literature reviews, Consensus GPT helps articulate complex ideas and arguments grounded in scientific evidence.
  • Incorporating Accurate Citations: Ensure your work adheres to academic standards with precise and correct citations. Consensus GPT assists in identifying and formatting references, making your writing credible and authoritative.
  • Identifying Gaps in Research: By providing an overview of existing literature, Consensus GPT enables researchers to pinpoint gaps and unexplored areas, guiding future research directions.

A Collaborative Research Assistant

Consensus GPT acts not just as a tool, but as a collaborative partner in the research process. It supports researchers at every step, from initial inquiry and exploration of topics to the final stages of writing and citation. Whether you’re working on a thesis, a research paper, or preparing a review article, Consensus GPT enhances productivity, fosters innovation, and ensures a high standard of academic integrity.

Embrace the future of academic research and writing with Consensus GPT, your AI-enabled partner in navigating the vast landscape of scholarly literature.

Experience Enhanced Research with Consensus Premium

Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to introduce an array of innovative features designed to enrich your research experience further. Driven by user feedback, our roadmap includes several premium features aimed at supporting our mission and enhancing our service. To gain full access to our upcoming offerings and support Consensus, consider subscribing to Consensus Premium today.

Join us in exploring the frontiers of academic research with Consensus, your ultimate AI-powered research assistant.

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